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The BSH Portal link allows you to review the capability of the platform and functions in more detail. It also allows you to:

  • Interact with the system by using our example forms.
  • Send us your specific forms to convert so you can try them out for yourselves.
  • Contact us directly to organise a free demonstration or discuss your specific Business Management System needs.

Key Features

PAPERLESS: No hassle with printing and scanning. Be sure everyone is using the latest version of all forms and documents.

YOUR FORMS: Build your forms to suit your needs. Minimise typing/writing in the field by pre-populating response selections.

TRIGGERS: Automatically give pre-populated direction to your team based on choices made when completing forms.

REMINDERS: Receive reminders on plant inspections, servicing and regos.

NOTIFICATIONS: Automatically notify the right people when something important happens in your company.

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Become a BSH Partner Reseller

It costs nothing to become a BSH Reseller.

It costs nothing to set up a Company within BSH for your Clients.

It does however cost money to buy the blocks of users needed to work within the BSH Platform, (NOTE: BSH also has a FREE Workforce user section to complete, review and approve forms).

These costs to you are at the BSH Partner wholesale price on where you add your price and resell the platform for use by your existing or new client base.

You Business Branding on the Platform.

24/7 training and support to you and or your nominated BSH Partner Representative is provided by us.

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Key Elements

Manage Plant

Manage all plant from one easy location. Register your own and subcontractors plant with On-boarding Approval process, service reports, maintenance history, registrations, inspections and insurances.

Create reminders; book plant and equipment for different jobs at different times to see availability and programed maintenance.

Add an approval to work process for all plant and equipment so correct documentation is captured. All documents generated will be automatically uploaded against the correct item of plant file.

Create forms to capture all your plant inspections and servicing. Share them with service companies to complete and submit back into the system.

Manage People

Training Matrix

At-a-glance view of all qualifications, licenses and training in your company; see who is licensed or certified, and see when their licenses are up for renewal. Issue and track your own in-house certifications and training.

On-Boarding and up-skilling

Develop, send and record on-boarding documents or training modules to individuals for completion before they get to the job.

Import Existing Training

When you add a user to your company who is already in the BSH system, all of their qualifications, tickets and licenses are automatically imported into your training matrix.

Manage Projects

Keep all documents, forms, people and plant related to a job in one place. Assign staff and contractors to a project so they can access the forms and procedures they need. Book plant out to a project and keep an eye on its condition, inspections and servicing. Allow quick access to important forms and incident reports, with automatically triggered instructions and notifications.

Private Messaging

Send private messages to other BSH users, or even out to non-BSH users. If your recipient isn't in the system, they will receive an email directing them to our secure system to read your message. No risk of leaking private information. Our system uses strong SSL encryption throughout, and your private messages never leave our servers. No risk of man-in-the-middle attacks and immune to email account hacking.

Knowledge Centre

Help users find the forms, procedures and instructions they need to complete their tasks - it’s like your very own search engine! Add descriptions and tags to documents and link them to projects. Send out documents to internal and external people for completion, or choose to allow them to provide their own documents.

Integrated Management System

The central place for all of your forms, procedures and documents. Organise the system with an easy to use folder tree.

Form Builder

Develop your own digital forms and procedures. Assign them to projects and plant. Send them to staff and contactors for completion. Add pop up instructions and warnings. Automatically send notifications to the appropriate people. Amend and change forms and procedures to grow with your business and react to changes within your business.

Assign Recurring Forms

Assign up to two recurring forms to a workforce person who has a free account. Perfect for plant pre-starts.

Risk Assessments

Company Due Dilligance
Easily create risk assessments templates. Use the pre-existing BSH Library elements or add your own specific Activities, Tasks, Hazards and Controls to the Risk Library. Pre-select risk and residual risk scores. Set business parameters and specific controls for identified hazards that will automatically be pre-populated when your team is filling out the Risk Assessment/SWMS from within the project section. Set the training required to complete the task so your team know what is required when completing the Risk Assessment. Add monitoring SWMS audits in consultation with others to these documents to ensure all are following the correct processes.

Project Team Developing And Completing Risk Assessments

Templates you create will be available to each project. Your team can select the Activity and multiple Tasks, Hazards and Controls that the company has included from the BSH Library. They can select the risk and residual risk scores, add the training requirements and choose the person responsible to oversee the task.

When the risk Assessment is proposed for use, it is sent to internal persons and even client/Principle Contractors for approval. When approved for use, an audit of some or all tasks is set for a nominated person to complete. This ensures that the methods and controls used are in place and working.

Change Management

The Risk Assessment has a built-in change management section for when something has changed, or hazards and controls required are not available. This process is an easy electronic process requested from your team and approved by Management. This electronic approval process can have your team back working in minutes not hours!


Our servers and data storage are in NSW, Victoria and WA. None of BSH's stored information is taken offshore assuring that only Australian high standards regarding data sharing and storage laws are met for all your information. We do not share our infrastructure with hosting platforms or other servers that could be deemed insecure. Our storage cluster allows for up to half of our nodes to be offline and still function as normal. Our underlying file system (ZFS) is known for data integrity. Our processing farms continually check and recheck data – not only when it first arrives but every 7 days to verify integrity.


Choose a plan that works for you or for corporate packages request information about how the Business Support Hub can help you.


Resume upload and share

Certificates upload and share

Recurring forms project managers can assign up to two forms for you to fill out every shift

Full System

Everything from free tier all the benefits of the free tier plus...

Register your company a place to manage your business

Add staff increase your subscription to add more vital staff

Manage plant register plant equipment and monitor servicing, inspections and bookings

Manage projects where the work gets done. Track people, plant and forms on all projects

IMS Integrated Management System is the heart of your business. Build your own forms and procedures

Incremental Pricing more users equals better value

  • First 25 users = $35 /user/mnth
  • Next 26-50 users = $17.50 /user/mnth
  • Next 51-100 users = $8.75 /user/mnth
  • 101+ users = $4.30 /user/mnth

EXAMPLE: Company A needs 60 users. The first 25 users cost $35 each, the next 25 users up to 50 cost $17.50 each, the last 10 users up to 60 cost $8.75 each per month.

Prices exclusive of GST.